Light, sporadic rain lingers in OC, Riverside


Southern California was soaked earlier in the day as heavy downpours drenched many cities overnight.

Less than an inch of rain fell across the board in the Southland.

In /*Seal Beach*/, some surfers came out in the early morning hours to enjoy a break in the rain. The storm was expected to bring on some huge swells. The /*National Weather Service*/ issued a high surf advisory for Orange County, with the possibility of waves up to 7 feet.

The rain pounded down all over the Southland, including Canoga Park, where roads and sidewalks were soaked overnight.

Culver City and North Hills also saw some similar heavy rain, causing some traffic problems out on the roads. Many were caught off guard by the rain, but some say they're enjoying the wet weather.

"This is a welcome change, because we have sunshine, so this is kind of, you appreciate more what you have, and I can enjoy it," said Simi Valley resident Chon Campbell.

Calabasas resident Brigitte Knoll said she likes the rain because she feels like it cleans everything, including the trees.

The rain always brings dicey driving conditions for Southland roads, and this storm was no different.

In Fillmore, a pickup truck skidded and crashed into a ditch at Pacific Street near Telegraph Road just after midnight. The driver was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger was transported to an area hospital with a head injury. Officials said there was a lot of water on the road at the time of the crash, but the cause was still under investigation.

The rain also could be to blame for another crash in Canoga Park. The driver of a black vehicle hit a parked car, turning it on its side, and then hit a hydrant.

Also in Granada Hills, another hydrant was hit early Saturday morning. The driver in that incident took off.

Scattered showers were expected throughout most of Saturday with temperatures in the mid 60s for L.A. and Orange counties, the Inland Empire and the valleys. The local mountains will see temps topping off in the low 40s with snow expected at 8,000 feet.

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