Ore. Occupy protesters defy deadline to leave


Hours past the deadline Sunday morning, there were no signs of violence or police action against the more than 3,000 protesters and their supporters still crowding two downtown Portland parks.

By early afternoon, police began moving in on the few hundred demonstrators who remained behind. Police on loudspeakers warned that anyone who resisted risks arrest and "may also be subject to chemical agents and impact weapons." Demonstrators chanted "we are a peaceful protest."

More than 50 protesters were arrested in the afternoon police action.

Mayor Sam Adams had ordered that the camp shut down Saturday at midnight, citing unhealthy conditions and the encampment's attraction of drug users and thieves.

Organizers of Occupy Portland say it's their hope that enough supporters will come to their camp to make it harder for police to evict them. Some of the protesters chanted, "Do not attack. We are not violent."

In the Bay Area, police say Occupy San Francisco protesters attacked two officers in separate incidents during a march. Police couldn't find the attackers and no one was arrested. Both officers were reportedly OK.

In Oakland, a man was shot and killed Thursday near the Occupy Oakland encampment sight. Police warned protesters Saturday to leave the plaza in front of City Hall or they will be arrested.

Authorities are definitely stepping up pressure for demonstrators to abandon their encampments.

Meantime, Occupy L.A. protests have been relatively peaceful. Friday, the group held a march that took over three downtown L.A. intersections, but it ended without a hitch. Sunday morning, however, there was a small scuffle involving an argument that resulted in some pushing and shoving. Police were called to break up the argument.

L.A. officials have asked demonstrators to leave the City Hall lawn because they're damaging the grass. Despite those concerns, Occupy L.A. protesters say they will stay on the lawn indefinitely.

See photos of Occupy L.A. protestors at City Hall.

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