Chevy Sonic has big car features, small car price tag


But small is relative, and the Cruze is actually closer to mid-size.

Now Chevy has launched a truly small car, the Sonic, at a much lower price. It's available as a four-door sedan or as a five-door hatchback. Starting price is just over $14,000.

The Sonic replaces the Aveo in Chevrolet showrooms, and is a big improvement in several ways. Style-wise, it's much more distinctive. Its cool headlight assemblies seem right off a show car.

Inside, the visual highlights continue with its simple, yet functional instrument cluster that combines high-tech with sporty.

The interior is very roomy, too. Four real-size adults can fit just fine. With the hatchback model, there is a ton of cargo room when you need it.

If you haven't driven a small car in a long time, you might be surprised at all the features they have, either standard or optional. One particular Sonic comes with Bluetooth, satellite radio, steering wheel control for the radio and Bluetooth, full power, keyless entry and remote engine start.

Even if you step up to the LTZ model and get heated seats and a sunroof, the total price barely tops $20,000.

Gas mileage isn't bad either at an estimated 25 to 35 mpg. Not as good as a hybrid, but not nearly as expensive to buy either.

Many auto industry watchers say small cars are back, popular with people looking to save money.

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