U-Haul truck stolen from Long Beach family found


The truck, which contained all of the Bischofberger family's belongings, was stolen outside their home early Sunday morning.

Some items were recovered from the truck when it was found early Monday morning, including personal items like photo albums. But major items are still gone. Police were processing the truck for evidence.

"I don't have a dining room set. It's gone. I don't have couches, they're gone. My wife and I don't have a bed," said Allan Bischofberger.

Bischofberger, a mechanical engineer, was relocating for a job from Tracy to Long Beach. A big part of his supplemental income was stolen from the truck: sophisticated computer equipment.

"That machine was in there, and that machine's really expensive. I just finished paying it off two weeks ago," said Bischofberger. "About 45 grand."

Long Beach police are looking for witnesses.

The truck was stolen from an east Long Beach neighborhood at 2 a.m. Sunday. It was abandoned miles away in an industrial area of the 710 Freeway and Del Amo Blvd. It was recovered Monday morning.

"We don't have any information that somebody knew specifically what was inside. I think they just saw it as a crime of opportunity, there might be something, and they took the van, and obviously they did take some items from inside," said Long Beach Police Sgt. Greg Schirmer

Strangers came forward to lend a helping hand and donated items to the Bischofberger family.

"Twin beds, dressers, that type of stuff, a couple refrigerators," said Bischofberger.

"We've had people offer up even their own Crock-Pots," said Tami Bischofberger. "Really great, generous people offering tables and things like that. We're just trying to make an empty house full."

"I think it's really nice of them and good stuff that they did for us, and I think the people that came and got our stuff are really bad," said Peyton Bischofberger, Allan's daughter.

The family says they will donate any items they don't need to a charity.

For those who want to offer help, the Bischofbergers can be reached at ourfamily4321@yahoo.com.

If you have information about the case, contact Long Beach Police at (562) 570-5888.

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