'DWTS' semifinals: Couples to perform 3 times


The four remaining celebrity dancers include Reality TV star Rob Kardashian, actor and Army veteran J.R. Martinez, TV personality Ricki Lake and soccer star Hope Solo.

They'll each perform three times Monday night: two individual dances and the Cha Cha relay.

"You already think about how hard it was when you had one dance, then you think about when we started having two dances, now thinking about adding another dance to five days," Martinez said after last Tuesday's "Results Show." "You have to do three routines in five days, that's pretty intimidating for everybody. But it's that close, we're that close to the finale."

Last week, Martinez got two perfect 30s for his Waltz and instant Jive, while Nancy Grace got the boot.

Grace came into the elimination episode in last place with 44 points out of 60. After eight weeks of competition, the combative former prosecutor was eliminated, while Kardashian was spared.

Don't miss a single performance on Monday night. The action starts at 8 p.m. PT on ABC7.

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