Not all dollar-store items worth your money


From wrapping paper to dish towels to shampoo and more - you can find it all at the dollar discount store. But Kiplinger is keeping a close watch on what's worth it.

Party supplies are a great deal for a dollar. Check out foil balloons. At other stores, these can cost $8. But at the discount store, it's $1 and the helium is free.

Not a deal: Vitamins. Consumer Reports found that dollar-store vitamins don't always have the amount of nutrients claimed on the label, and they may not absorb fast enough to get into the body.

Cleaning supplies are a good deal. According to Good Housekeeping, the cleaners you buy at the dollar store work just as well as higher priced items.

Although a buck a toy is tempting, studies show some may contain unsafe levels of lead and phthalates.

Greeting cards are definitely worth it though, as well as holiday decorations and other seasonal stuff.

Pregnancy tests are also a deal. They run about $8 at drugstores, but tests show the ones from the dollar store are just as reliable.

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