San Pedro coastal landslide worsens; area fenced off


Hunks of a coastal bluff near Paseo del Mar between Western and Weymouth avenues are falling into the Pacific Ocean as the integrity of the hillside weakens.

What has residents so alarmed is the speed at which the road deteriorated. It started off as a small crack in the road.

"To see how dramatically it's just given way, just really reminds you Mother Nature is in charge," said one resident.

Fences have been set up to keep the public at a safe distance away from the danger.

No homes are being threatened by the landslide, but engineers are monitoring the slide while Los Angeles County crews rush to move water and sewer lines along with storm drains before the next major rain storm hits.

Officials fear that the entire area could end up in the ocean.

"We're hoping they know what they are doing," said resident Bob Simpson. "Otherwise we are in trouble."

"It's just that the road has always been here," said resident Tina Valdez. "I've lived in San Pedro most of my life and it's just such a beautiful area- losing our gorgeous coastline here."

Some residents are doing their own preparations, bringing a camera to preserve memories of the road.

"It's going to be one of those, 'remember the time when we used to walk along Paseo in the morning and that landslide occurred? This is what it used to look like,'" said resident Veronica Smith.

A geological survey is being done to figure out the cause of the slide and determine if other homes in the area are in danger.

The survey is expected to be completed in about two months. It is also monitoring areas surrounding Paseo del Mar to make sure they aren't in danger.

See photos of the landslide in San Pedro.

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