Attorney: Conrad Murray not suicidal in jail


"Dr. Conrad Murray is distressed for being in jail and for losing his dear friend Michael Jackson, but he would never commit suicide," said attorney Nareg Gourjian.

Watch video of the guilty verdict being read in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Gourjian said he has been visiting Murray almost every day.

"Under the circumstances, he's doing as well as one can while incarcerated. Any statement that he's going to kill himself is categorically false."

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Nov. 7. He faces up to four years in prison and losing his medical license when he is sentenced on Nov. 29.

Watch video of the Jackson family's reaction to the verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray's defense team said they plan to appeal.

In the meantime, Judge Michael Pastor issued, but held, a bench warrant for a partner of lead defense attorney Ed Chernoff because he was not in court for a contempt hearing on Tuesday.

Houston attorney Matthew Alford had his secretary leave a message with the court saying he was in the middle of a trial in Houston and would not be available to attend the hearing.

Watch video of defense attorney Michael Flanagan talking after the manslaughter conviction Dr. Conrad Murray.

But Pastor was not satisfied with the excuse. He said he would give Alford until Nov. 29 to appear in court and submit in writing that he was in trial.

If Alford fails to submit the detailed explanation and appear by Nov. 29, Pastor will issue the arrest warrant.

Pastor had threatened to hold Alford in contempt after he gave an exclusive interview to NBC's "Today Show" on Sept. 30, claiming to be part of Murray's defense team. The interview came after Pastor had issued a gag order prohibiting all attorneys involved in the case not to speak with the media.

On a lighter note, a woman who took a picture in the hallway and posted it online got the judge's sympathy, and her contempt charges were dropped.

Amy Kimes, one of the leaders of Justice 4 MJ group, told Pastor she took the picture in the hallway when she knew the rules of the court.

She apologized and said, "It was a stupid moment."

"I've been coming here for 18 months and have always respected the court rules. Being a leader in the community, I was not prepared for all the confusion and chaos of the trial," Kimes said. "I received a message that the community was very concerned that there were no fans in court that day, and I wanted to prove them wrong."

The fan confessed she faced the judge the day of the incident and lied, saying she had not taken the picture. She apologized to the court and said she realized immediately she had done something really bad. Minutes after lying to the judge, she went back into the courtroom and told the bailiff she wasn't telling the truth.

Pastor said since Kimes recognized her mistake acknowledged it to the court, he was willing to let it go.

There will be no further proceedings for Kimes, who said the worst part of the incident was being banned from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

Another contempt hearing will be held on Wednesday for Dr. Paul White, the defense's expert propofol witness was accused of telling a reporter that Deputy District Attorney David Walgren was a "scumbag."

He also made a comment to jurors while on the witness stand that may have been a violation of the judge's ruling.

View photos from courtroom when verdict was read in the Conrad Murray trial.

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