Mother of Sandusky's adopted son had suspicions


"It was Jerry Sandusky, you know. Any 10-year-old kid is gonna be impressed by Penn State football. And then it was the gifts, money and clothing and whatever," Long said.

Long said at first, Matthew was always happy to see Sandusky.

"As time went on, I would watch the same kid hide behind the bedroom door and say, 'Mom, tell him I'm not home.'"

Matthew said he was not abused and supports Sandusky.

At least two of the eight victims in the indictment against Sandusky are not backing down.

"He has decided to dig in his heels and he's not going anywhere. He fully intends to testify," said attorney Ben Andreozzi, who represents one of the vicitms.

The actions of key witness Mike McQueary are still raising questions.

In 2002, the former assistant coach said he witnessed Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the Penn State locker room.

In an e-mail to friends, McQueary insists he made sure the assault had stopped before he left the locker room and discussed the incident with college officials and the police.

Campus police and central Pennsylvania police said they have no record of any such exchange.

The New York Times reported that investigators reached out to McQueary only after spotting a post on an online Penn State athletics forum that hinted a coach may have seen something ugly years before. When contacted, he gave them the graphic details.

Penn State said former President Graham Spanier offered to resign last week in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal.

After a meeting, the university's board of trustees announced Spanier was no longer president.

The school isn't saying if his resignation was accepted.

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