Syracuse coach Bernie Fine on leave amid molestation probe


Bobby Davis, a former ball boy for the team, said associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine sexually molested him for more than 15 years.

Davis, now 39, told ESPN that Fine allegedly molested him starting in 1984.

"Probably sixth grade...he started trying to touch me and things like that," said Davis. "If I resisted, which I did all the time, he would get more aggressive."

The university said it heard about Davis' allegations in 2005. It investigated and didn't find evidence to support the accusations.

But now Davis' stepbrother, Mike Lang, also a former ball boy, is making similar accusations.

"You wouldn't say anything because you didn't feel like you were capable of saying anything. He's a god to you, you know? He could do whatever he wants," said Lang.

Fine denied all the allegations. He's getting public support from head coach Jim Boeheim.

"[Davis] supplied four names to the university that would corroborate his story. None of them did. There is only one side to this story. He is lying," Boeheim said.

These new allegations come just two weeks after Penn State was rocked by a child sex-abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, who is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period.

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