Stray Cat Alliance takes on 12K feral felines in South LA


The Stray Cat Alliance plans to use a private grant to trap and neuter at least 7,000 cats within the 2-square-mile area.

Financially strapped, Los Angeles' Animal Services Department says it I can't trap any cats and most that are brought to shelters are euthanized.

"We go out in trapping teams and trap cats wherever people report they've seen them," said Carol Brookshire, a member of the alliance.

Many of the cats need medical attention. All of the ones that have been spayed and neutered got their ears tipped.

The cats are held at the Animal Rescue Center's cat room to be adopted or released back to the streets.

The alliance pledged to spay and neuter all cats in the 90037 zip code for free.

"We believe in areas where people don't have money to put food on the table, they don't have money to spay and neuter their animals. They would like to, so we're offering it for free," said the alliance's executive director, Christi Metropole.

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