How to stand out for seasonal job openings


But the competition for seasonal spots is stiff. With the unemployment rate still hovering around 9 percent, many Americans are in need of some Christmas cash.

If you're one of the millions scurrying for a seasonal job, now is the time to apply.

Last year, retail added more than 627,000 seasonal workers, and according to, some managers expect to hire 5 percent more workers this year.

Here are three words of advice to make you stand out in front of a potential employer:

  1. Knowledge. Apply to places you shop at or get to know the company's products and services. Employers will be relieved to know they won't have to spend extra time and money training you.
  2. Availability. Stores will be open later. Let the employer know you're flexible and can show up on time.
  3. Sell your experience. Tailor your resume and highlight any customer service experience you have. Show them you can handle the high-stress season with respect for customers and a good attitude.

Also look out for opportunities at restaurants, toy stores and movie theaters, which are all likely to be looking for extra help.

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