New laser treatment gets rid of bags under eyes


The condition, known as festoons, can make you look tired and older, but a new laser treatment promises to turn back the hands of time and reveal a younger looking you.

Hair stylist Donna Mart was tired of looking tired. Eye bags and swollen, puffy skin were dragging her down.

"I would get that comment frequently. 'Did you not rest? Are you tired?' You don't want your clients thinking you're working on them tired," said Mart.

Doctors say the condition is primarily caused by sun damage.

Dr. Adam Scheiner perfected a laser technique that can literally wipe away unsightly bags and festoons.

"What we can do is take swollen, sun-damaged skin and make it smooth, tight and younger looking," said Scheiner.

The procedure worked for Mart.

"The results since and the comments from my clients and everybody have just been phenomenal," said Mart.

Patient Mindy Dietterick showed what her procedure entailed.

"I can't wait to get this done and then look in the mirror and not have these things staring back at me," said Dietterick.

A laser zapped away the top layer of Dietterick's skin. A second pass tightened it.

"This is like a reset button on the skin," said Scheiner. "They're actually going to grow their skin all over again and they are going to get brand new skin, almost like baby skin."

Scheiner said the results will last as long as you stay out of the sun.

Scheiner is one of the only plastic surgeons in the country doing this procedure for festoons. He has patients fly in from all over the world. The laser treatment costs start at $5,000.

More information:

WHAT IS A FESTOON? A festoon is the term used to describe mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes.

CAUSES: Festoons are the result of fat that migrate forward below the eyes due to the weakening of tissue structures and muscles that support the eyelids. Also, it can be caused by an accumulation of fluid due to changes in weather such as hot, humid days. Hormone levels and the consumption of salty foods can also cause festoons. Festoons cause swelling, saggy or loose skin and dark circles.

TREATMENT: Dr. Adam Scheiner from the Tampa Eye Clinic offers a laser procedure that removes festoons. The procedure is called blepharoplasty, and it is performed on the upper and lower lid. The patient undergoes local anesthesia for one hour, while a laser beam makes a small incision, sometimes from inside the eyelid. Then, the fatty deposits are removed and the incision is closed with tiny stitches. The use of a laser beam for the incision reduces bleeding, discoloration and swelling because the laser is able to seal blood vessels. Also, there is minimal pain during recovery because of the use of a laser beam. The stitches are removed seven to 10 days after surgery. This procedure does not eliminate wrinkles, crow's feet or eyelid festoons, however it can be done with facial procedures such as Minimal Incision Brow lift or laser skin resurfacing.

CONSULTATION: Before the doctor can perform the surgery, a consultation is required in order to evaluate the patient's condition and health of the eye such as vision, tear production, use of contact lenses, use of medication and personal expectations.

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