Black Friday apps can help find best deals


Tracy Sebastian is a writer for iPhone Life magazine and an expert on apps. She says RedLaser, a barcode scanner app, is one of the best.

"You just pick up a product ... press scan, and then up pops what we were looking, and it will list where we can purchase it," Sebastian said.

Amazon is a very popular website this time of year, and the app may be too. It will help you find good deals by comparing the Black Friday sale price with current prices.

Black Friday by Fat Wallet helps you to organize your Black Friday deals by store and category and a whole lot more. allows you to browse the season's best bargains days in advance and then create your own shopping list to take with you on the big day.

The Black Flyday app combines hot Black Friday deals with Facebook.

"It uses your Facebook friends to show you where the special deals are," Sebastian said.

Once you get to the mall, a few apps can help you shop in comfort, including Type n Walk .

You may remember a woman in a Pennsylvania mall who lost track of where she was going while texting and landed in the mall fountain.

Type n Walk turns on your tablet or phone camera to let you see where you're going while writing and sending texts.

Sit or Squat is a free app that's a must have.

"When you got to go, you got to go, so this app shows you exactly where the closest restroom is, if it's open, and if it's known to be clean," Sebastian.

Finally, there are apps from the malls. For example, the Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks has its own app that gives information like where to park.

All of the apps are compatible with most smartphones and tablet computers.

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