Victorville youth football team needs help raising funds


It's taken months of games, practice and spirit. And now the Victorville youth football team has accomplished what these players once thought impossible- a shot at the national Pop Warner championship. But as of now, they're short on funds.

"This is the first time in 40 plus years that a team from the Mount Baldie Conference is going," said Fundraising Coordinator Robin Porter. "And in Victorville, never, ever has this ever happened before."

"It takes a lot more than just being good at football and making the plays," said player Zachary Camarena. "It takes dedication and heart to come out here and play every single day."

Half these kids wouldn't have a chance to play football at all if they weren't sponsored by the league. All of the coaches and organizers are volunteers. But now they have a little over a week-and-a-half to earn $22,000 to get them to Florida.

"These are kids that don't have maybe both parents, don't have the funds to play," said Porter. "We brought them to the organization because we wanted to make sure that they had a place to play. We wanted to make sure that we kept them off the streets."

"It makes me want to play, go on to bigger and better things, play in high school and college," said Camarena.

They've already earned half the money through fundraisers, but still need funds by next Monday for airfare, hotel and food costs during the trip to Orlando. If they make it all the way, they'll be featured on ESPN during the Super Bowl. But if they don't get the money they don't get the opportunity.

"I'd feel devastated I guess, just like crushing all my dreams," said player Richard Holguin.

For those who wish to donated, they can contribute directly to the Desert Community Bank in Victorville where there's an account set up for the team. They are registered as a non-profit, and their tax ID number is 23-1582287.

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