Get in shape with workouts on skateboards


We looked at phenomenal core workout you can do on something most likely you'll find in your child's closet: a skateboard.

"I was never good at skateboarding. But I grabbed it and dropped down on my knees and started doing abdominal movements. The light went on and about 200 exercises later, I started writing out this whole skateboard training routine," said Ky Evans, an instructor at The Studio MDR in Marina Del Rey.

Evans incorporates CrossFit, circuit training and Pilates in his workouts. He wanted to help those who can't get to class, so he experimented with his skateboard and came up with a workout that studio owner Lisa Hirsch says is tougher than the Reformer.

"I was actually doing it last night and you feel it. I woke up this morning and I was sore," said Hirsch.

"I think this skateboard workout is actually harder than being on a machine because you don't have that constant support," said Evans.

But before you go rummaging into your kid's closet, there are some caveats.

Keep in mind a skateboard has no brakes. If you're trying this on your own, make sure you have something supportive, such as a pole, or do it near the wall.

Grab a broom, mop or countertop for support to try some back lunges.

"Do not press from the toe, but from the heel. It's a pulling up movement, so we engage the calf, hamstring, glute, oblique, lower abs and the energy will flow out the top of your head as you stand all the way up," said Evans.

Even better, the skateboard core work.

"The skateboard has four wheels and you have to really hold your body weight up a lot more," said Evans.

He suggests a four- to six-count rollout, then pause to feel the contraction, and then four counts back in.

Do this for about a minute and work up to two minutes so muscles can fail, which means you've pushed your body to its potential.

Then, plank to pike, providing a stomach ache in a good way. Beginners start with their toes on the board and those who are advanced might try it with their hands on the board. But again, be careful on your test drive.

Try it for a minute, and then work up to two minutes with that same four counts up, four counts down approach. For bonus work, add a pushup!

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