Pricey Jaguar XKR-S pumps out 550 horsepower


At the heart of this growling kitty is a five liter V8, supercharged and tweaked, to deliver 550 horsepower. The folks at Jaguar say it's the most powerful road car they've ever built.

To step into one of the 100 XKR-S models that will be sold in the U.S., with its potential top speed of 180 mph, you'll have to spend plenty.

The base XK coupe is $84,500 for 385 horsepower.

Move up to the XKR and its 510 supercharged horsepower and you'll pay $97,500.

But the XKR-S tops them all. At 550 horsepower, the dollars needed to acquire it are $132,000.

The XKR-S is in limited production and is considered a halo car for Jaguar, something to drive foot traffic to showrooms and create buzz.

There are other examples of these halo cars at other brands, like the Chevy Corvette ZR1 for more than $100,000 or Ford's Mustang Boss 302 at more than $40,000 - if you can find one.

The vast majority of people will admire them in showrooms, then move on to something more affordable or practical.

For Jaguar, this super coupe will make a nice addition to Jaguar showrooms as something to drool over and to the garages of a fortunate few who can fork over its pricey tariff.

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