'Corman's World' tells tales of B-movie king


A new documentary helps tell his story. It's called "Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel."

Corman is elegant, but his films, not always as much.

"We shot them in seven days, including special effects. The budgets were really low," he says.

Hundreds of titles, including "Piranha," "Sharktopus," "Attack of the Crab Monsters," "Children of the Corn," and "The Little Shop of Horrors," in more than six decades.

Along the way, Corman helped others reach stardom, including Jack Nicholson.

"I do feel a little bit like a father to them," he says. "I think I helped them, yet, at the same time, I feel their talent is so great that if they had never met me, they still would have reached the same heights.

Corman is 85 and still working.

"I simply love the process of motion pictures. I have from the beginning. I have no intention of retiring. I hope to still be working until the last moment," Corman says.

"Corman's World" opens Friday.

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