Cool Kid takes 'scout's honor' to heart

TUSTIN, Calif.

With over 130 merit badges, Robert Nelsen is an extremely accomplished Eagle Scout. He wants to be an example for younger scouts to strive for more.

"That's the main goal, to help others so they can become better people throughout their lives. It's a joy, it's real fun," said Robert.

In one of his many community projects, Robert recycles to collect money for a cause close to his heart. His project starts when a high school football game ends.

"After the game, we go over and we sweep for bottles. And the money for this will be used towards Special Olympics at Tustin High School or special education here at Tustin High School," he said.

Early in life, Robert had some speech issues. His experience back then inspires him now to reach out and also influence others.

"A lot of people helped me, so I wanted to give back and be a role model for the younger kids," said Robert.

More than lending a hand, Robert wants to see his work affect generation after generation.

"If I help them, then maybe they have a chance when they get older, they can help someone. So then we can help our world become better in the future," he said.

Community involvement, leadership and inspiration make Robert Nelsen our /*Cool Kid*/.

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