'Carnage' review: Amusing film, superb acting


"Carnage" is based on a Tony award-winning play from Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski starring three Oscar winners and an Oscar nominee.

The film tells the story of two couples who get together to discuss a fight between their sons. What starts with pleasantries eventually spirals out of control.

Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly along with and Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz just can't get on the same page to even begin to discuss what happened between their sons.

The film is full of energy, even if it's almost all negative energy. The four actors are excellent, and you expect that.

"Carnage" is, at times, uncomfortable to watch because of all the bickering, but the humor of the whole mess does get through loud and clear…especially loud.

The film also gives us more than a glimpse of childish behavior from adults who get together to talk about childhood behavior.

It plays out like a one-act play, which makes sense considering it came from Broadway.

The movie is about 75 minutes long when the end credits begin to roll. I think that's a good length, because anything more would have been just exhausting to watch! Still, it is amusing to watch play out.

"Carnage" is rated R.

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