Cool Kid dedicated to making life better for young girls


"Through World Vision, you can sponsor a child, to educate them, give them immunizations and clean water, and health care and all that stuff for them their family," said Kathryn.

With the mother-daughter community service group Ek Kardia, the 17-year-old has raised money for the cause by making and selling "wrapped with love" bracelets. But Kathryn and the 12 other girls in the group wanted to make it more personal, so she found a specific girl to help.

They sponsored a 14-year-old girl from Niger. Through the bracelets and other fundraising, the group raised $1,225 to support the girl for three years.

Kathryn is attending Fusion Academy in Hermosa Beach and living comfortably in the South Bay. She can literally choose the life she wants to live. Kathryn knows that others' lives are very different.

"Many, many girls don't have that chance. It doesn't seem fair that there's this inequality. So it just seemed natural to want to help and do something about it," she said.

No matter the career she might choose, Kathryn knows she will stay committed to her cause.

"I think I'll always be really enthusiastic about this. I mean it's a part of my everyday life right now, and again it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything extraordinary, it just seems natural," she said. "I'll always do it. Whether I'm a doctor, whether I'm an actress, whether I'm 30 or 70, I think I will always do something like this."

Dedicated to making life better for young girls around the world makes Kathryn Condon our /*Cool Kid*/.

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