Spark of Love: Boy with leukemia gets Christmas wish


Lilian Guzman and the children arrived straight from her son's chemotherapy treatment to the fire station, where a fire engine full of toys held everything the children had asked for this Christmas: a doll for the girl and bicycles for the boys - and an Xbox 360.

The Xbox was a special gift in particular for the kids, who had to sacrifice the one they owned for the good of the family.

"We didn't really have no food in the house, so my mom, she didn't have nothing, so she sold our Xbox to the pawn shop," said Samuel Guzman, one of the older children.

It's a sore spot for Lilian Guzman.

"It's embarrassing to explain yourself and your situation," she said. "I just wanted them to have a good Christmas. I wanted them to open something, especially for the babies."

Her youngest son, Luis, has been battling leukemia.

"Seeing him go through chemo is something hard," Guzman said. "Seeing him go through blood transfusions is hard. But I have to accept it and I have to have faith."

Thursday, however, was a better time for the family. Luis got toys and some help onto his bike from firefighters.

"I'm happy," Luis said.

And it was a happy time for the firefighters, who got to deliver the presents. Some of them understood exactly what the family was going through.

"My son is almost 5 and he also has leukemia," said firefighter Michael Fortini. "It's an amazing feeling to be able to give so much to a family who thinks they have so little. But to see the strength that she provides for her family, it just lets you know that they're a strong family and they're going to get through this."

ABC7 viewers who helped pack the Spark of Love warehouse not only provided the family with toys, but with the joy that makes the holidays such a special time for children.

"I'm just thankful, a lot right now," said Samuel Guzman as he choked up. "I can't speak a lot because I'm really excited and happy."

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