Porn condom ballot may face legal road block


The L.A. City Clerk's Office has validated those signatures, so the City Council could make this ballot a law next month or choose to let it go before voters in a June ballot.

But the initiative may face a legal roadblock. The City Attorney's office has filed a suit saying the proposed ordinance is unnecessary and could be a big waste of taxpayer money.

The group that helped to gather the signatures called on the City Attorney's Office to drop the lawsuit on Tuesday.

"I am baffled at Mr. Trutanich's actions," said Miki Jackson, a supporter of the initiative. "I think they are outrageous, that he would say to the people of Los Angeles, 'oh no you don't need to vote.'"

There is already a state law in the books that requires exactly that, but the proposed ordinance would make it a requirement when applying for a film permit in the city.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said they filed suit because they need clarification on the ordinance, because there is a chance it could be unenforceable and the city would end up spending $4 million for no reason.

However supporters of the ordinance aren't having it.

"This has been a hot potato issue that everybody has thrown to somebody else, let's be clear on that," said Michael Weinstein from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. "The county throws it to the state, the city throws it to the county- nobody wants to deal with it because it involves sex."

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the City Attorney's Office said they are not coming down on one side or the other of this issue, and that they just want clarification from a judge.

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