Make tasty, healthy breakfast sandwiches in 15 min. or less


We'll show you how to make sensational breakfast sandwiches that are perfect for anyone on-the-go.

Sunset Magazine's food editor Margo True says one simple, but nutritious, way to go is a twist on the old classic PB&J.

"It would be 'AB&P,' which is almond butter and fresh berries, basically crushed with a little bit of honey, so you skip all that sugary jam," said True.

It's served on a whole wheat English muffin to get a good dose of fiber and nutrients.

And how about a protein pita pocket packed with egg, avocado and prosciutto? It is a bit more involved, but worth a little extra effort.

"We bake the prosciutto so that it intensifies the flavors. You only need a little bit. You tuck it in at the last minute with some arugula, which gives some spice and also good vitamins and minerals from the dark, leafy greens," said True.

She first slathers a roasted red pepper and Greek yogurt spread, and then adds the goodies like prosciutto, which is healthier than bacon.

For you breakfast burrito lovers, try this protein-rich creation: Make a spread using Neufchatel cheese seasoned with dill for a healthier alternative to cream cheese. Top it with egg, arugula, and smoked trout or salmon.

"You layer that all together, roll it up, slice it, and you can wrap it up if you want to take it with you or you can just eat it as is," True said.

She said these sandwiches will jumpstart your morning.

"They're full of good proteins, good fats, fruits, vegetables, and you can make them in 15 minutes or less," True said.

See these healthy breakfast sandwiches through photos.

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