State, federal authorities join beefed up security for Rose Parade


Officials with the Pasadena Police Department won't say how many officers will be manning the parade on Jan. 2, but they say their efforts will be enhanced with state and federal agents, along with deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Occupy protesters have promised to keep it peaceful, but police aren't taking chances.

"This year we've decided to bring on some additional public safety resources to ensure the safety and the flow of the parade," said Pasadena police Lt. Phlunte Riddle.

Identifying themselves as Occupy the Rose Parade, they will reportedly bring their own float, which they said will be in the shape of an octopus to represent the choke hold corporations have on the country.

"They, just like every other spectator, will be allowed to fall in behind the completion of the parade with anyone else who follows the parade on Colorado Boulevard," Riddle said.

Officials hope spectators along the parade route and at home will notice only the floats.

Builders of the floats are still hard at work at the warehouse known as the Rose Palace.

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