Report: San Pedro landslide cracks grew 2 inches


City engineers released a 14-page preliminary report Friday on last month's massive landslide in San Pedro. In the report they say cracks adjacent to the landslide have widened by up to 2 inches.

The November 20 landslide caused 420 feet of Paseo Del Mar to fall into the ocean. A 900-foot section of the road remains closed. Engineers say despite the widening cracks, no new cracks have been found outside of the fenced area and there has been no ground movement surrounding nearby homes.

Engineers say they drilled for days, taking soil samples. They say geologists will analyze the samples to determine where the land moved and how deep below the surface it moved. Engineers say geologists have indicated the depth could be at least a 100 feet.

See photos of the landslide in San Pedro.

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