Once on top, Gingrich plummets in Iowa poll


Newt Gingrich dropped to fourth place. Less than a month ago, he was leading the pack.

The poll indicates Romney is leading with 25 percent, Ron Paul is in second place with 22 percent and Rick Santorum shot into third place with 16 percent. Gingrich is in fourth place with 14 percent.

A flood of negative TV ads aimed at Gingrich was credited for his fall. Romney supporters blanketed the airwaves in Iowa, spending $3.7 million.

Gingrich's loss is Paul's gain. He's been doing well in Iowa and his opponents are taking note.

Michele Bachmann's struggling campaign suffered an embarrassing setback Tuesday when her Iowa chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson, defected to work for Paul.

"It's difficult, but it's the right thing to do because he fights for the values I hold dear as well," said Sorenson.

Bachmann claims there's more than politics involved. She accused her chairman of jumping ship because he was offered a large amount of money by Paul's campaign.

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