Cool Kid makes pajamas for kids in need


"Why not do Pajama Mama? Especially because, you know, we're making pajamas and helping kids, so that's kind of nurturing," said Nicole.

She said pajamas can be a symbol of comfort and caring, something she knows many young kids who live in difficult circumstances are in need of.

"I'm really grateful for everything I have, and I want to be able to help others and give them a sense of security," said Nicole.

In addition to what she gives them now, Nicole sees how this work can have benefits beyond the present.

"I feel like it might have an influence on them in the future, that if they get to a place where maybe they can help others," said Nicole.

And she truly loves the work she is doing. Nicole would even like to expand her Pajama Mama Club.

"I plan to go to college and then hopefully maybe even start the club at the college and connect back to El Camino and work together to keep this going," said Nicole.

With needle, thread and lots of heart, Nicole Kosoff brings comfort to children when they need it most. That makes her our /*Cool Kid*/.

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