Woman arrested; used dating site to scam men

IRVINE, Calif.

"After several weeks of gaining their trust and even spending some of their money with their permission, she ends the relationship in a rather abrupt way, she brings it to a confrontation that requires a police response," said Irvine Police Lt. Julia Engen.

Kim was arrested a week after falsely reporting that she was a victim of domestic violence in Irvine involving a businessman who police arrested. They later discovered Kim had injured herself.

While the 44-year-old businessman, the victim of the false police report, was in custody, police allege Kim ransacked his home and stole his valuables.

Police suspect Kim had a scheme and preyed on several innocent people, including a man in Orange.

She falsely reported he and his family had kidnapped and assaulted her. While the family was in custody, police say she stole financial documents containing personal information.

All the victims were Korean, and not just men.

Police allege Kim befriended a Korean tourist in Los Angeles, convinced her to stay with her and lured her away from the house with a trip to the day spa.

"While she was gone, Kim took all of her belongings, her clothing, jewelry and all of her personal paperwork, passport and visa," Engen said.

Irvine police discovered the alleged fraud scheme that goes back to at least 2009, when an officer caught Kim last week using someone else's identity. Once learning her real name, police found outstanding warrants for grand theft in Los Angeles and Garden Grove.

Police fear there could be more potential victims. If you have information call Irvine police at (949) 724-7249.

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