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Latest P90X installment challenging yet approachable

January 2, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Tear the roof off your limits. That's the message behind the latest installment of P90X home exercise system.

P90X creator Tony Horton says P90X2 is cut well above the other.

"We just kind of brainstormed and we said, how do we take P90X, this incredibly successful program, and take it to the next level?" said Horton. "Instead of just pushups, you're doing pushups on four med balls. You're doing pushups with your feet on a stability ball and your hands on a med ball."

Horton loves muscle confusion, which means doing a variety of movements on different days to confuse and shock the body.

But don't panic if you aren't at this intensity, the new version promises to be approachable from every level.

"There are modifications. You know, with P90X there's something extreme, there's something super-modified, and something in between," Horton said.

Like any program, you do have to put in the time to get results. But if you miss a day do you need to start from scratch?

"If it's day four of 90, yeah, you might want to start over if you've missed a couple days. But if it's day 74 and you've missed two or three days, you just want to pick it up and then add the new the other workouts toward the end," Horton said.

There is also a nutrition program. No drastic carb or calorie cutting, just lean protein, whole grains and produce.

The program is created by those with a sports science background, so the moves and the concept are safe. But, you have to ask yourself if you're mentally and physically ready, because this workout is a challenge.

"You want to build your confidence, so start off with a workout program, and there's DVDs that do this that are shorter: 20-minute workouts, 30-minute workouts, 40-minute workouts," said fitness expert Jill Brown.

Brown also suggests watching yourself in the mirror to make sure you've got good form to prevent injury.

"My only hope is that you'll show up, do the best that you can, and then show up again," said Horton.

P90X2 ranges from about $120 up to $360 if you order extra products.