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Review: 'The Devil Inside' just possesses your money

January 6, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
"The Devil Inside" is a major release this weekend and scared up some $2 million in midnight screenings. But will it scare you?

The film deals with demonic possession, but what it really wants to possess is your hard-earned money.

In the movie, a woman is institutionalized for killing two priests and a nun while they were performing an exorcism on her.

Now, it's 20 years later and her daughter wants answers. So she goes looking for them documentary-style. The trailer, which is the only footage the studio released, offers up scares.

The actors are actually good. But the scares are very few and far between, maybe three creepy moments in a movie that's 76 minutes long once the credits begin to roll.

Surprisingly more than anything, it's just boring. I felt like someone said: "Hey let's make a movie where we combine 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Paranormal Activity,' but make it about demonic possession. And I think we can borrow my cousin's camera to shoot it."

I love a good scare but this isn't it. However if the Motion Picture Academy gave out Oscars for marketing, Paramount Pictures might get a nomination for this movie.

With the success of the studio's "Paranormal Activity" franchise, it knows what it's doing here. "The Devil Inside" was not screened for critics- no surprise.

But I went to one of the midnight screenings, and at the end the audience actually booed.

Among the comments I heard: "Are you serious? I want a refund" as well as "Wasn't that a waste of my time!"

But to be fair I also did hear, "I liked it a lot, bro." But that may have been a demon talking.