Jimmy Kimmel excited about post-Oscar show w/ Oprah Winfrey


He's joked about Winfrey since he's been part of the late-night landscape, but now during his 10th season, Winfrey and Kimmel have finally met. To say Kimmel was impressed is an understatement.

"You see people on television and you think, 'Oh, well, that's what they are on television,' and then you meet them and you're like, 'Oh my god, not only is she as good as on television, she's actually better than on television,'" he said. "I'm serious. I have to say, I was bowled over by Oprah. I really was."

The same goes for the rest of Kimmel's staff.

Kimmel's post-Oscar show will also include a new all-star sketch. This one is based on the biggest movie ever made. It's title: "Movie: The Movie."

"'Movie: The Movie' is a celebration of life, it's a celebration of laughter, it's a celebration of actors who frankly don't get celebrated enough," said George Clooney, who is in the sketch along with Meryl Streep and other big names.

"Movie: The Movie" promises laughter music, big stars, and Kimmel joked that maybe Oprah might even give everyone a car.

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