Amanda Seyfried tackles action role in 'Gone'


The Portland police never quite believed Seyfried's character, so she tries to find her sister with their help.

For Seyfried, shooting "Gone" was rigorous from start to finish because she was basically in every scene.

"I didn't want a break, though. When you're shooting on location, the place to be is on set. Everybody's there for that reason, and it's such a nice collaboration and everybody is just milling about and the vibe is so wonderful that it doesn't matter. I want to be in every scene," Seyfried said.

She said shooting the movie was exhausting, but it was "welcomed exhaustion."

The actress said "Gone" is exactly the kind of movie she would want to go see in the theaters.

"It's edge of your seat, you don't want to go pee the whole time, you don't want to get a drink," Seyfriend said. "You can't miss anything, and the audience is just taken along for this ride, and you have a satisfied, amazing ending."

One part of the film that was not so pleasing was when Seyfriend had to do scenes where her character was trapped in a deep, dirt hole.

"That dirt had small, small, small microscopic pieces of wood in it. So that was really painful and I was constantly wiping off these little splinters," she described. "It was not fun but the thing is, it looks cool and it looks real. I'm really claustrophobic so some of that screaming really came from an organic place in me."

"Gone" is rated PG 13 and opens Friday.

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