'The Lorax' promotes environmentalism, opens on Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday


The Dr. Seuss classic gets the big screen treatment from the creators of "Despicable Me." In "The Lorax," Zac Efron stars as Ted, a boy who lives in a town made entirely of plastic. He goes on a quest to find the last remaining tree.

"I think Ted in this move is sort of the eyes and ears of our generation," said Efron. "He's you and me. We feel so small sometimes, but all it takes is one person or one seed, and you can change the world."

His journey isn't entirely altruistic. He also wants to impress a girl. Along the way, he encounters some resistance to his cause from his fellow townspeople. But he also discovers a mythical creature called a "Lorax."

Danny DeVito provides the voice to the lovable, orange animated environmentalist.

"I love 'The Lorax,'" said DeVito. "When they brought me...the first drawing of Lorax, they said, 'We would like you to be the voice of the Lorax,' and I said, 'Wow, that's far out.'"

The story has themes of environmentalism and community that the stars hope will carry over after the film is over.

"You should get involved. You should care about what's going on around you," said Rob Riggle. "Don't just put your head in the sand. Take some ownership, just a little bit of responsibility for what's going on around you."

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