'John Carter' Taylor Kitsch star takes on role of epic novels


Kitsch threw himself into this very challenging role of the sci-fi epic film. It tells the story of a former military captain who is transported to Mars, where he reluctantly becomes involved in a war on that planet.

"It truly is a no brainer to take and fight for this role," said Kitsch.

The film has been a project director Andrew Stanton has wanted to do for years. The supporting cast left Kitsch thrilled and intimidated.

"So many of these guys that are stage trained too- literally everyone but me," said Kitsch.

Kitsch says he took a severe beating in some scenes. But now that the sprains and pulls have healed, he waits for the next battle round- the box office.

"We made a great film, I am proud of it, nothing I can do at this point," said Kitsch. "My pressure has been what I put on myself. I feel I have no regrets what I put into it; more excited for you guys to enjoy the journey that was to make it. I am not worried. I can't stress about dollars and stuff like that."

"John Carter" is in theaters this weekend.

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