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OTRC: Lindzi Cox: I feel bad for 'Bachelor' winner Courtney Robertson (Video)

Lindzi Cox talks to WABC Television about placing second on season 16 of the ABC show 'The Bachelor' on March 13, 2012. / Ben Flajnik is seen proposing to Courtney Robertson on the finale of season 16 of the ABC show 'The Bachelor' on March 12, 2012. / Courtney Robinson appears in a promotional photo for 'The Bachelor.' (ABC / Nick Ray / WABC /)

Lindzi Cox, who was rejected by Ben Flajnik on the season 16 finale of "The Bachelor," says she feels bad for winner Courtney Robertson and would not be mean to her if she saw her again, despite the nasty things she said about the other contestants on the ABC dating show.

Cox, a 27-year-old business development manager from Seattle made her comments to WABC Television, the sister station of KABC Television, parent company of OnTheRedCarpet.com on Tuesday, March 13, a day after the "Bachelor" finale aired.

"Courtney was OK - I didn't really feel strongly about her either way, you know, I thought she made some rude comments here or there that I heard, but watching the show I saw along with everyone else in America how she really was behind closed doors and the things she said," Cox said. "She said some really hurtful, mean things to people that, you don't say that to people."

"So watching it, I feel bad for her. I think that's got to be a hard way to be, you know, to see yourself like that. Even me - I think I'm a pretty good person and I was nice on the show, but even me watching it, I was like, 'Did I say that or I look like that? So for her, watching it that must be like, 'Oh my God, I'm a bitch!' for a lack of better words."

During the finale, Flajnik was shown proposing to Robertson, a 29-year-old model, with a Princess-cut Neil Lane diamond ring. Robertson was seen as the villain and was often shown saying nasty things about the other contestants in private interviews. She apologized during a post-finale special called "After the Final Rose," which Cox said she did not watch but is "dying to."

"She did some really horrible things, so if I saw her out and about, I wouldn't be mean to her, but I would ask her why she called me 'boring,' probably, but that's about it," Cox told WABC. "I hope that this is a good experience for her."

"Looking back, I'm really happy with how everything ended and I'm feeling really great about it," she added. "What a cool experience I got to do, you know?"

Cox made similar comments on the ABC morning show "LIVE! with Kelly" on Tuesday.

Check out more from WABC's interview with Lindzi Cox below.

Q: So you said that you would consider being 'The Bachelorette' if asked, but that would entail staying single for a whole year. Would you be able to do that?
A: "I don't know if I could stay single for a whole year - I'm like beating them away as we speak! No, I'm just kidding. I think a year is a long ways away and who knows where I will be in my life then. But if that was still an opportunity, I think that just going through it on being on my side of 'The Bachelor' ... it was such a life changing experience and I would absolutely put myself back into that again."

NOTE: Emily Maynard, who was the winner of season 15 of "The Bachelor" but ultimately broke up with Brad Womack, was earlier this year named as the star of season 8 of "The Bachelorette," which is set to premiere on May 14.

Q: What about 'Bachelor Pad'?
A: "I think 'Bachelor Pad' would be so fun. It's like games and that's like in my blood. I went into 'The Bachelor' with a really good mindset, so I think I could hold my own on 'Bachelor Pad.'"

Q: How does your family feel about how you were portrayed and the outcome. Were they relieved that you didn't end up engaged?
A: "I think they were. First of all, my dad keeps saying how proud he is of me. And I'm like, 'Dad, I was making out with a guy on TV and you're proud?' Like, I wish I would have known that earlier - I would have been more of a hooligan as a kid. I think they were happy with everything and they liked Ben. They thought Ben was a good guy, but ultimately, if I'm happy, they're happy, and I'm happy, so they're happy."

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