PaleyFest: 'Modern Family' cast is funny 'down to the baby,' Ferguson says


They did some Q&A with the crowd and also did some Q&A with me.

For instance, do they laugh themselves through every work day? The answer is yes.

"The producers are funny…our writers are funny, the cast is funny, the kids are funny, so it's a very happy set," Ed O'Neill said.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson says the little girl who plays his daughter is becoming a jokester. He says she recently pulled a fast one on creator and executive producer Steven Levitan.

"The other day, Steve gave her a note and she goes, 'Oh, thank you. I'm going to go ahead and do it my way,'" Ferguson said. "Our group's full of really funny people, down to the baby."

Ty Burrell says the substance of the show is divided amongst the cast.

"He really is my other husband," said Julie Bowen, Burrell's on-screen wife. "The best kind, the kind you don't actually fight with or have to raise children with, just the kind you get to have all the good times with - not that my own husband isn't wonderful."

Some of the "Modern Family" stars said they are incredibly excited about an upcoming episode.

"I think the Disneyland episode is going to be really, really great. It's really fun," said Sarah Hyland. "It's Disneyland and my boyfriend is actually going to be in that episode, so that was a lot of fun to film."

Sofia Vergara also expressed her excitement for the Disneyland episode, but for different reasons.

"I think they're going to love the Disney episode. It's the whole family together. It's meaningful," she said.

Rico Rodriguez, who plays Vergara's son, says he saves a lot of his money, but he does get a nice allowance - $20 every two weeks.

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