L.A. Kids Consignment offers parents deep discounts


"You can't beat the prices, they've got all kinds of stuff here, I mean everything. But it's going fast," said Albert Martinez of Glendora.

This is the eighth year for L.A. Kids Consignment and once again it has grown. Last year they had 550 consigners. But this year, they've seen 600 consigners with over 75,000 items. Organizers said the economy is helping stock the shelves.

"These last couple of years, people have really figured out that this is the way to go, you know either you leave it in your closet for five years or you donate it to Goodwill, or here's a better option, earn some money for things you've outgrown," said the L.A. Kids Consignment's Kristin Nelson.

L.A. Kids Consignment runs 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the weekend and Sunday will be discount day, with many of the items priced at 50 percent off.

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