San Pedro landslide concern over rainy forecast


"Every time the rain comes, we're always worried that potentially, some more can give way," said Paul Simpson of San Pedro.

City engineers say residents shouldn't worry. According to the latest report put out on Jan. 20, there have been no additional landslide-related ground cracks in the area outside of the fence around the landslide.

"It is Mother Nature, but there was rains after the initial slide occurred as well," said Dave Behar, president of the Palisades Residents Association.

The city began monitoring the unstable bluff last spring when cracks opened up on the roadway. The land started sinking and buckling, moving slowly toward the ocean, and then finally sliding into the sea.

City engineers are not sure what is causing the instability, but say rain doesn't help. It remains to be seen if the bluff will hold its new boundaries, or continue to crumble away.

The Palos Verdes Penninsula has long been prone to geological failures, and residents just hope this weekend's rain doesn't make things worse.

"I think it's going to crumble a little bit more. It has in the past. I don't think the whole thing's going to fall in the ocean, but I am concerned," said one resident.

See photos of the landslide in San Pedro.

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