Health, fitness and gym convention held in LA


Whether you own a gym or belong to one, the IHRSA convention is the place to check out the future of fitness. It's no surprise that sweating has gone high-tech, from exercise machines to member check-ins.

The Cybex ARC Trainer isn't an elliptical machine, but it protects joints like one. It mimics a glide, a stride and a climb all in one.

"We're always looking for ways to burn more calories in less time, to put less stress on the joint and more stress on the muscle," said Scott Sechrest, Cybex Institute Western Region director.

Indoor-cycling fans needing motivation might go further with a virtual experience on display on the convention floor.

A concept that seems to be dominating gyms and this convention is group personal training. It's not a large group-exercise class, but rather a small number of people with one personal trainer, so they get the attention they need without a lot of cost.

The Life Fitness Synrgy360 debuted at the convention, incorporating functional fitness, core training and sport-specific concepts.

"It's got product accessories, flooring, all built into a complete solution," said Matt Brennand, Life Fitness senior brand manager.

TRX creator Randy Hetrick says clubs on a budget might like his "rip trainer" group set up. It's hardcore workout that's easy on the wallet.

"The economy is a little tough, cash is tight," said Hetrick. "With the expertise of a personal trainer in a small group, you get that one-on-one touch, and yet you get this sense of camaraderie and team spirit of a group."

The U.S. Olympic Beach Volleyball team tested the CYBEX Bravo system, offering group personal training, or along with an app for you phone, you can work out alone.

While many gym-goers love group classes due to favorite instructors and their format, the new trend is franchise programs: A cookie-cutter approach offering safe and sound workouts like Les Mills, which certifies instructors globally, so wherever you work out in the world, the program is the same.

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