Susan Sarandon relates to character in 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home'


Jason Segel and Ed Helms play her kids. One's marriage is falling apart, while the other can't seem to get his act together enough to move out of mom's basement.

"If you're a mom and trying to do a good job, you definitely can get to the point where you feel just taken advantage of and abused and worn out," she said.

It turns out her son in the movie was really just waiting for a sign that would point him to his destiny.

Sarandon herself believes in listening to the universe. She says her life has been totally serendipitous.

"Everything that has been important to me has come out of the blue, often times against the odds," Sarandon said. "As my daughter says, 'You know, mom, it doesn't look good on paper.' And I'll say, 'I know but I'm just going to jump. I'm going to do it.' I don't mean being reckless. I think you have to give life the benefit of the doubt sometimes because it has far more imagination than you do."

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