School staff help student get bike back from thieves


Last week at Grandview College Preparatory Academy in Valinda, two teenage boys were in the process of stealing the eight grader's $300 fixed-gear bike during lunch time.

That's when William Wilson, a P.E. teacher at Grandview, heard something on his two-way radio.

"I heard one of our staff members kind of panicking, so I ran out to see what was going on," Wilson said. "Then I found out they were going after a stolen bike."

The two teenagers used bolt cutters to cut the chain-link fence to get on campus, where Christian's bike was parked on a lot.

The thieves were riding away, but Wilson jumped into a pickup truck and other administrators got into a car and the chase was on. They caught up with the boys a couple streets over.

"I got out of the truck and asked the kid to stop and he stopped and I got the bike," Wilson said. "The other one turned around and went the other direction, and a parent was already behind him, so it was pretty much easy to stop him."

About six people in all helped catch the two suspected bike thieves and walked them back to the school where district police were waiting.

"I thank them for that, because they're awesome. I got my bike back," Christian said. "I love this bike. Best bike I ever got."

Christian received the bike from his parents a couple months ago as a reward for doing well in school.

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