Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter, husband in bitter dispute


Gabor's daughter Francesca Hilton says someone needs to keep a closer eye on Gabor's money - someone who is not Gabor's husband, Frederic Von Anhalt.

Hilton's attorney Kenneth Kossoff is requesting that the court appoint an independent conservator to handle her affairs.

"We are just seeking to bring her finances and healthcare out in the open, so to speak, within the confines of a conservatorship proceeding, so that independent third parties will determine that she is getting the best care she can," Kossoff said.

But Von Anhalt fired back, saying he and the aging actress are swimming in debt. Their Bel Air mansion is on the market, and medical bills are unpaid.

"Lots of money I have to pay out of my pocket, out of my wife's pocket," he said. "They pick on me in the worst times."

Von Anhalt rejects claims made by Gabor's daughter, which were filed in court Tuesday morning. Hilton argued that in visits, her mother seemed "heavily sedated" and that one visitor saw the remnants of bedsores. Included in the documents was the shaky signature of the actress and a notice of foreclosure on the Beverly Hills home.

Hilton says Von Anhalt borrowed $700,000 on the house. According to court documents, Gabor's home is in default, and mortgage payments have lapsed to the tune of $85,000. Von Anhalt admits that he took out the loan, but he blames Hilton for the debt, saying that she wrongfully refinanced the house years ago.

"Now, I have to pay $30,000 every month. I can't afford it, and that's the reason why I have to sell the house in order to pay my wife's debts," Von Anhalt said.

Von Anhalt says the default notice is the result of a banking error. Yet according to the Department of Consumer Affairs, no payment has been made.

Von Anhalt's attorney provided Eyewitness News an email Tuesday evening to show the default was recorded in error. The loan status is current through May 1.

Hilton says she wants answers. Since her mother's leg was amputated, Hilton says Von Anhalt has restricted communications.

A hearing is set for May 2. The judge will determine whether the court should investigate the matter further, and whether a conservator is even needed.

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