Upland mayor enlists DEA in fight against medical marijuana dispensaries

UPLAND, Calif.

Aaron Sandusky says the feds accuse him of playing a game of cat and mouse. Still, the guy who runs G3 Holistic Marijuana Dispensary in Upland says it's been a difficult battle. Because even though they're open again after being shut down for the second time last week, he says what's in the store now is only about a third of the marijuana that was there before the raid.

"After we were raided, we opened that same day," said Sandusky. "It's been an incredible challenge."

And a confusing one for a lot of people, because even though California voters have approved the use of medicinal marijuana, it's still against federal law. Sandusky has been shut down by Drug Enforcement Agency agents twice now.

"They're continuously telling me they don't care what that California courts are telling them, and they're enforcing federal law," said Sandusky.

But when picking sides, many cities across the region seem to agree with the federal government. In Upland, they're trying to ban medical marijuana offices.

"This is a nationwide problem, and it's a little bit scary what's happening to our communities and particularly our young people," said Upland Mayor Ray Musser.

But Musser isn't just waiting for the issue to work its way through the courts. Last May he wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney saying: "The City Council respectfully asks for the support of your office in our fight against unlawful drug-related land uses."

"[The letter] had a very good effect, we're very, very pleased with that," said Musser. "They are back in business, but it's not finished yet. Just wait till tomorrow."

Asked how long he thinks until the DEA returns to his establishment, Sandusky said: "I'm moment by moment."

Sandusky said in the raids, no one was arrested, but a citation was issued. The DEA declined to comment, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

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