Foods that have hidden fat, sugar, salt


Our bodies need sodium, but we don't have issues getting enough. Watch out even at breakfast. A mere half cup of Grape-Nuts Cereal contains 290 milligrams of sodium.

Another breakfast shocker are Thomas' hearty grain bagels. It's great for fiber, but there's 400 milligrams of salt before you add toppings.

Salads can be healthy, but check nutrition facts on salad dressings, such as Ken's Lite Caesar, which has 550 milligrams of salt for two tablespoons.

Current guidelines for adults over 51 and those with health issues went from 2,300 milligrams to 1,500 milligrams daily.

And while there's no way to cut sugar completely, less is best. Getting sweets from fruit and milk is the best way to go with many experts saying no more than 50 grams or around 12 teaspoons daily.

Keep in mind, 4 grams is the equivalent of about a teaspoon. You'll find a cup of Bush's Baked Beans has 24 grams or 6 teaspoons, although they suggest you eat a half cup.

Pour yourself a one cup bowl of Oatmeal Crisp and you'll get 16 grams of sugar or four teaspoons. And while oatmeal is a great choice, a packet of maple and brown sugar flavor contains 3 teaspoons.

Then there's fat. It's necessary for bodily function and the more mono- or polyunsaturated choices you have, the better your body likes it.

You'll find 7 grams of fat in a serving of Synder's honey mustard onion pretzels with 3 of those grams saturated. Even gluten-free pretzels have 6 fat grams for 24 pretzels. So read those labels!

See photos of foods with hidden fat, salt or sugar.

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