Genesis Rodriguez familiar with showbiz before 'Casa de mi Padre'


Rodriguez said she grew up in the industry and has a bit of knowledge about the business.

"I started off in telenovelas, but in the back of my mind, it was always 'You have to move to Los Angeles. You have to, you know, be on the big screen.' It happened, so it's like very unreal," she said.

Rodriguez may have started in Mexican telenovelas but she wasn't the on-set expert for the film.

"Will knew it better than all of us. He was the expert in telenovela. It was just, he brought it. I didn't think I was going to go all the way out, and I did. I was like, oh my god, I guess it's OK," she said.

Rodriguez said "Casa de mi Padre" has all the flavors of an old Mexican movie, calling the film's style and the vintage esthetic "wonderful and pleasing to the eye."

"It's a very odd and wonderful homage to that culture," she described.

Part of that homage included her father, the famous Venezuelan entertainer Jose Luis Rodriguez, also known as "El Puma."

"I want to tell you something. My dad is in the movie. He's the wedding singer. How about that? Isn't that cool?" Rodriguez said.

"Casa de mi Padre" is set to move into more theaters over the weekend.

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