LA Coliseum general manager pleads guilty in alleged embezzlement scheme


As part of his plea, Patrick Lynch will have to pay $385,000 in restitution to the Coliseum within 45 days. He will not be formally sentenced until the three other defendants in the case are tried. He will be placed on three years of probation and ordered to complete 1,500 hours of community service. If he completes his probation successfully, his felony charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Lynch and former events manager Todd DeStefano and two rave promoters - Go Ventures Inc. owner Reza Gerami and Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella - were arrested last week and accused of mismanaging public funds and diverting money for their own use.

All four were named in a grand jury indictment handed down March 20. Gerami, DeStefano and Rotella were free on bail and due back in court on Monday. Lynch was kept in custody but was ordered released on his own recognizance on Wednesday.

According to the indictment, Lynch and DeStefano were involved in a number of schemes beginning in 2006 that took money from the stadium and filled their own pockets.

Lynch resigned from his GM post in February 2001. DeStefano, who quit in January 2011, allegedly received more than $1.8 million from deals with Rotella and Gerami.

The indictment says Lynch didn't directly profit from the deals between DeStefano and the two promoters, but he was allegedly aware of the agreements.

Lynch's attorney told reporters outside the courthouse that he feels his client was treated fairly and that justice was served.

Lynch is expected to be back in court June 26 for sentencing.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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