Body discovered inside burned car in Tujunga


A 1992 two-door Honda was engulfed in flames on Sister Elsie Drive, a remote road, about 2 p.m. Fire crews put out the flames and then the car was towed, but when the car was taken to a police impound lot and investigators took a closer look, they discovered a badly burned body in the backseat.

"It wasn't apparent to the firefighters or the police officer who impounded the car that there was a body in the car," said LAPD Det. Pat Barron.

According to detectives, the body is so badly burned that a gender could not be determined and it may take weeks to obtain a positive identity. Police began their investigation with few answers Sunday.

Emil Aghakian, a nearby resident, drove by the burning car and stopped to look inside.

"I heard there was a body inside but I personally didn't see it. Parts of the chair were still there so I would have seen a body," Aghakian said, adding he is surprised by the mysterious body and is concerned something sinister may have occurred.

"Parts of the car were missing, as if it had been stripped down, the tail lights were gone," he said.

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