'Lord of the Abs' shows how to get beach-ready abs at home


"If you don't have a strong core, from my perspective, the rest of your body is not going to be strong enough," he said. "So I decided at one point to make a series on the core on the abs and lower abdominals and lower back area, which I think people neglect many times."

His DVD series, Lord of the Abs, is taught by the Lord himself, who has certainly earned his washboard abs. He offers a crunch-free concept with all kinds of ways to put some muscle in your middle. From the basics, to cross-training, even cardio core using a weighted ball or dumbbell to keep things interesting.

"The nice thing about it, it is all initiated from the core. Every movement we do in the series is core oriented," Janklowicz said.

The workout is geared for home exercisers who often need the education.

"That is my whole motive, to try to get to that person at home who maybe fell off the wagon or maybe wants to get back on into shape, reach out to them and say, 'You can do this,'" he said.

Now, remember that the core is both the front and the back of your trunk, so beyond just using your abdominals, Janklowicz would like you to do back exercises as well.

"You are working the whole core region is a transfer from the upper body to lower body and the lower body to the upper body. Its transfers the energy up and it transfers the energy down. If you don't have the core muscles ready for this transfer you are not going to get effective work outs," he said.

A single DVD is $19.95. Buy the series it's $69.95, saving $30.

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