Rancho Palos Verdes may close dog beach


Dog owners say they've been coming to the serene beach for years, and in February, the city began a pilot program, letting dogs roam the small patch of coastline off leash.

"You have fun going to the dog park, but the dog beach is so much more fun because you can have fun too, and you can bring your family," said Liz Campos of San Pedro.

But the dog beach has its opponents. Managers at the Trump National Golf Club up the bluff say they're losing business.

"The dog feces (are) going to float into the ocean, and there's too many dogs," said Carla Sandoval of Rancho Palos Verdes. "There's good dog owners that'll pick up the feces, but then there's always the dog owner that's not going to pick up the feces."

The Trump National Golf Club said in a statement, "A formal dog beach is something we find inconceivable for the mere fact that a golf course should not be a gateway to such a thing. If this dog beach is approved, we foresee potential dangers and a potential loss of business as guests may want to avoid the crowds and the dogs."

Taking complaints into consideration, the city manager put out a 300-page report suggesting the city rescind the program, citing crowds, parking and inability to enforce the rules.

Some say a change in the rules is not going to stop them.

"I'm still going to bring them down there," said Lloyd Uhls of Redondo Beach. "It's hard because a dog needs exercise, a dog needs to run."

The item will be discussed at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

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